Proudly Made in North Dakota

ABU Trailers Inc
ABU Trailers was founded in Dwight, ND in 1994, and remains a fully family owned and operated enterprise to this day. We owe our longevity to our two foundational commitments:

  • To our customers, we promise peerless quality – the reliable operation and pride of ownership that can only come from an expertly crafted American-made steel trailer.
  • To our employees, we promise an exceptional workplace – safe, stable and trusting, where skill and hard work are valued just as highly as they rightly should be.

We take enormous pride in what we do. We preserve the tradition of American manufacturing during an era of outsourcing and inferior imports. We provide gainful, rewarding employment to the good men and women of our beloved homestate. And above all else, we provide Americans with the rugged and dependable trailers they need in order to get the job done.

When you choose an ABU Trailers product, you will see our pride shining through in every beam, weld and fastener. Our mission is to truly earn your business – the highest honor we can hope to achieve.

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